Customer Success Manager Spotlight: Laurel Hays

Learn how our Customer Success Managers help save restaurants time and money on the repair and maintenance process through 24/7 accessibility and a human-first approach.

With 86 Repairs, handling restaurant equipment repair and maintenance is as easy as sending a text.

One of our Customer Success Managers is on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and seamlessly facilitates the entire process for our customers, from troubleshooting to comparing vendor quotes to dispatching service.

We’re [86 Repairs] the only one who gets as involved as we do in all aspects, and we have a very, very close relationship with the customer.
Laurel Hays first joined 86 Repairs after seeking a fully remote company, so she didn’t have to trade family time for long commutes. In her two years and counting as a Customer Success Manager, she has swiftly earned the title of “Savings Queen” after consistently saving on costs for 86 Repairs customers.

Laurel honed her skills in the customer service field throughout her entire professional career, from working at an answering service when she was 16 to spending time in a B2B customer service role. These experiences have given her the keen ability to understand customers’ needs at every stage in the journey and show up as a true subject matter expert.

“I think it really helped show me how you have to relate to them, you have to understand them, and you have to respond to them quickly, with the correct answer, and actually know what you’re talking about,” said Laurel.

When Laurel approaches a restaurant maintenance and repair incident, she first ensures she’s in constant contact with the customer throughout the day, or in some cases, in the middle of the night. Her meticulous methods for solving problems involve understanding how time-sensitive the issue is to save the customer on costs and time.

“Part of our job is to realize what is actually an emergency and needs that escalated approach vs. something that can be troubleshooted and fixed tomorrow or the next day vs. something that is a project that can be fixed in a week or two,” Laurel said.

Laurel also keeps a very close eye on the data, which allows her to serve the customer better and better with each incident. Recently, a customer’s water heater failed, and Laurel was able to review 86 Repairs’ historical data to find the equipment had been fixed just months earlier. She guided the customer through the repair process and saved the customer costs by understanding the proper fix and following up on prior knowledge.

“So that’s what we do in the here and now. Every incident that we ever take in, we’re documenting the troubleshooting. We’re documenting what the service provider did when they came out. If the troubleshooting works, we’re documenting, ‘This is what worked.’ And then that data is better and better, so that next time a customer calls in with the same piece of equipment, we’re able to say, ‘Hey, last week this troubleshooting worked, have you tried that?’” said Laurel.

Whether she’s checking equipment warranties, assessing an emergency floor drain overflow—or, in one instance, commissioning a welder to create custom brackets for an ailing evaporator—Laurel thrives on creative solutions that help restaurants streamline costs. At 86 Repairs, she’s able to dig into each and every case and build relationships, bringing a personal, customized approach that 86 Repairs makes paramount.

“It’s much more hands-on. We’re [86 Repairs] the only one who gets as involved as we do in all aspects, and we have a very, very close relationship with the customer. A lot of the GMs we know very well by name, we recognize when they call and text, we know their personalities, we even have cute text emoji exchanges sometimes. So we’re very much on their level and really understand what they need,” Laurel said.Simplify Your Process

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