Customer Success Story: Kensington Hill Capital DBA Jimmy John’s

Learn how Kensington Hill Capital dba Jimmy John's uses 86 Repairs to streamline the repair and maintenance process across all 58 locations.

Brandon Stewart, President & COO of Kensington Hill Capital, opened his first Jimmy John’s franchise location in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2011, seeing the QSR’s immense growth potential. Today, KHC owns and operates 58 Jimmy John’s locations across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio.

“[Working with 86 Repairs] was the first time I truly outsourced something that was on my plate. For me, as a leader in a growth mode, that was a huge step and it really opened my eyes to what that support means.”

Brandon Stewart, President & COO of Kensington Hill Capital

While Brandon has always been focused on scaling franchise operations for Jimmy John’s locations, he was also spending a ton of his time hiring and training new employees.

He quickly found himself without the bandwidth to train additional employees or contractors on repairs and maintenance across KHC’s 58 locations.

This left Brandon with the sole responsibility of making all decisions when it came to restaurant repairs, from comparing quotes to managing vendor relationships to dispatching service. Oftentimes, the hired service technician would fix the issue and leave without following up or leaving a report, so Brandon missed the chance to make any key repair decisions that could have saved him money.

In the past, Brandon was hesitant to outsource work to any third parties. But as the process of managing all restaurant repairs became unsustainable, he partnered with 86 Repairs to take repairs off his plate.

Now, 86 Repairs saves Brandon and his team’s time and costs on restaurant equipment repairs and maintenance. Deciding to onboard 86 Repairs means Brandon no longer spends countless hours working with service technicians, and incident data is tracked – every time. Plus, 86 Repairs handles issues concurrently across all 58 locations.

The repairs and maintenance process is simple for KHC.

Any store employee can report an incident directly to 86 Repairs, and it’s as quick as sending a text message. A community manager handles the entire process Brandon used to manage, letting employees get back to providing the in-restaurant experience. All data on each piece of equipment and every service incident is tracked to demonstrate a solid ROI, saving franchise locations on costs and time.

“[R&M] is something I’m not quite as focused on because I have a lot more confidence in 86 Repairs,” said Brandon. “It allows me, or whoever would be in that role, to focus on other things. If you were somebody that was growing fast and working on acquisitions, it’s absolutely a competitive advantage.”

Read the full case study on Kensington Hill Capital’s partnership with 86 Repairs.

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