86 Repairs IT Support Takes Tech Troubles Off the Menu

86 Repairs is expanding into IT Support to help restaurants save time, control costs, and focus on growth! Learn about this new offering on our blog.

From seamless POS systems to the integration of third-party delivery partners and reliable WiFi, restaurants depend on technology for survival.

Imagine tickets not reaching one of your kitchens, DoorDash orders getting lost in a digital black hole, or payments failing to process. Panic sets in, profits are put at risk, and your team’s time is wasted. 

Tech-related downtime can lead to major losses: we’ve chatted with an operator who missed out on $500 in sales from just a 45 minute POS outage in one location. And in a business where every sale can make or break the black for the day, you literally can’t afford a minute offline.

Frontline staff, instead of attending to customers, find themselves deep in troubleshooting mode—in fact, they stay on hold for an average of 45 minutes per tech issue. And IT leaders are forced to divert their attention from strategic initiatives to time-consuming, minor tasks.

As part of our mission to help restaurants save time, control costs, and focus on growth, we’re expanding beyond R&M to give operators even more assistance. Now, we can take IT off the menu with our new product, 86 Repairs IT Support.

Why is 86 Repairs taking on IT?

Operational challenges for restaurants go well beyond equipment R&M. But when you really think about it, technology requires R&M, too! Hardware becomes outdated, software needs updating, and sometimes things that you have to have just aren’t working the way they should.

As core expenses—like your tech stack and labor—continue to get more expensive, 86 Repairs IT Support is another resource operators have for help.

Protection for profits

By investing in IT Support, you get 24/7 remote support from experts who already know the ins and outs of restaurant tech. They’ve worked in hospitality before, so they know just how crucial it is to get things working again.

Specialized support means a dramatic decrease in downtime. The team's in-depth knowledge allows them to swiftly identify and address issues, minimizing the risk for financial losses.

Make the most of your team's time

IT Support is an extension of your team so you don’t overextend yours. Our remote pros will handle issues like internet outages, third party problems, and audio/visual issues.

IT leaders can turn their focus back to big projects, like building tech stacks for your growing business and ensuring new builds are wired for what they need. And frontline staff are freed from troubleshooting and waiting on hold.

In short? With this solution, your team can spend more time doing what they were actually hired to do.

Avoid increasing headcount

As your restaurant business expands, there will be a need for more IT support. But it doesn’t mean you have to increase headcount to accommodate it.

Labor isn’t just expensive right now—it’s also more difficult to find and retain. A trusted partner for IT means there’s no need to spend resources on hiring or account for additional salaries and benefits in your budget.

Let’s bring this into reality. A 13-location smoothie concept in the Chicago metro area planned to hire 2 full-time IT employees to support their growth. But those employees wouldn’t have specialized restaurant tech experience, and they would only be available on a traditional Monday-Friday, 9-5 schedule.

Instead, they implemented IT Support for 24/7 specialized help and $110,000 in labor savings per year.

How 86 Repairs IT Support works

Just like our R&M solution, IT Support was designed with ease of use in mind.

Your frontline staff doesn’t have to wait on hold or watch a YouTube tutorial to get things fixed, and your existing IT team doesn’t have to turn their attention to tier 1 issues. Instead, all they have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Report the problem in the 86 Repairs App or Portal.
  2. Follow the prompts to submit the tech-related request.
  3. Wait for a fix from our team and get back to business.

It’s seriously as simple as that. Whether the problem lies in hardware, software, internet access, or audio/visual components, we’re your first line of defense to ensure that tech troubles are resolved—fast.

Hungry for more details?

Stop letting tech challenges hold you back from success. With just one monthly subscription fee, you can protect profits, maximize your existing resources, and avoid increasing headcount.

Head to the IT Support page to learn more, or request time with our team to discover how this solution can assist your restaurant business.

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