Preventative Maintenance Manager Spotlight: Chris Arbaugh

Learn how our Preventative Maintenance Manager uses a customer-first approach for routine maintenance and proactively solves repair and maintenance issues.

With 86 Repairs, handling restaurant equipment repair and maintenance is as easy as sending a text.

Our Customer Success Managers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—but we also focus on solving problems before they even begin through Preventative Maintenance.

We sat down with Preventative Maintenance Manager, Chris Arbaugh, to learn more about PM.

Chris started at 86 Repairs in 2020 as a Customer Success Manager, and he has recently moved to the preventative maintenance side of restaurant maintenance and repair.

Chris and his team are responsible for managing all of our customers’ preventative maintenance plans, which include handling service provider visits throughout the year as well as setting schedules and contracts.

“What I deal with on a day-to-day basis is managing schedule maintenance contracts for the location, so whether or not it’s their grease traps or their hoods, I work with service providers that come out on a quarterly, monthly, or semi-quarterly basis and make sure they’re providing proof for their work and that it’s getting done,” Chris said.

Chris has come to find that the more locations a restaurant group owns, the more likely it is for organization around preventative maintenance to slip through the cracks.

He’s seen out-of-control R&M costs and different repair plans from one franchise location to another. Chris recently worked with a restaurant owner and operator who has 16 locations across the country, with five locations in need of a streamlined process. His approach gave the customer more time and assurance through the process.

“Making sure all 5 of his branches are doing the exact same thing, with the exact same cadence, because they’re all franchises, has been a pain point for him. So having someone to manage that internally is a huge time-savings,” said Chris.

Chris is intuitive, first and foremost, when working with 86 Repairs customers. And he can credit this in part to his extensive restaurant background, as the former operations lead for 27 franchise restaurant locations in Atlanta, Georgia.

With a decade spent in the QSR space, Chris understands customers’ R&M pain points firsthand and how to assist through every stage of the process.

“My goal was to get things fixed for my team at a reasonable cost as well as to keep business flowing. One of the hardest things about managing R&M is keeping up with the service providers and the repairs. Sometimes as an operator, you might not even get to see an invoice until weeks later, when someone from accounting emails you and says, ‘Why is this so high? What happened?’ And then you’re trying to remember that specific event … It’s all stuff from an operator’s standpoint that you really don’t want to do—you’ve got other things that are more important like staying focused on the business -  growing sales, maintaining employees, and customer service,” said Chris.

As an extension of their team, 86 Repairs gives customers clarity around R&M with a full summary for every incident, including step-by-step details on equipment updates and fixes, resolutions, and additional next steps. Chris approaches every interaction with his prior successes as a base to help more customers manage the R&M process effectively. As Preventative Maintenance Manager, he’s able to devote that customized attention to each and every customer.

“I think there’s more of a personal touch [with 86 Repairs] because the Operations team actually wants to see our customers save money and they want to see the business succeed, whereas you have bigger companies who might branch the customer service out in another country, they're just following a procedure, or there’s no actual TLC to it, and I think that care is what 86 Repairs really brings to the table.”


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