Introducing a New Way to 86 Repairs

Every restaurant's R&M problems are different. But now, each restaurant can customize a solution to meet their needs. Learn about a new way to 86 Repairs.

Since 2019, 86 Repairs has been obsessed with making repairs and maintenance (R&M) easier for restaurant operators. Our team has handled over 100,000 repair requests from end to end for thousands of restaurants across the country, and about $44 million in R&M expenses is currently running through our platform.

The longer we’ve tried to solve the R&M problem, the more we’re convinced there’s no single solution for the industry. Needs are completely different across restaurant groups—and even across locations.

Some restaurants are fully staffed with industry vets who’ve been handling repairs for a decade or longer; others hire young employees with no work experience. Some groups have extensive facilities teams that want a better way of organizing and prioritizing repairs; others have development or operations leaders responsible for a process they’ve never led before.

So, ahead of our fifth birthday, we’re excited to introduce a new way to 86 Repairs that works for every restaurant’s R&M needs. 

A simple R&M platform

Our software is available as a standalone solution for teams that need to standardize R&M processes and get more visibility into repairs. It’s designed to be easy for everyone working within the organization.

Operations leaders get visibility across locations, facilities managers save time and money by focusing on the highest priorities, and frontline staff get step-by-step guidance on repairs.

Flexible services for additional R&M support

Partner with us when internal teams need extra help with R&M-related tasks. Our optional services are available per location, so the solution is always flexible to fit restaurants' changing needs.

Repair Management

This is the service known and loved by thousands of restaurants nationwide. Take repairs off the menu with 24/7/365 support from 86 Repairs—we’ll serve as the single point of contact to manage every repair from end to end.

Our team has extensive experience working in restaurants, so customers’ assets are always in good hands.

Preventative Maintenance Management

Preventative maintenance (PM) is a must to reduce repair costs and increase revenue with less downtime. PM checklists are included in every 86 Repairs subscription.

However, our PM management solution takes this support a step further. Restaurants can partner with us to build custom programs, find appropriate vendors, set schedules, and get proof of work and documentation.

Invoice Assurance

Finance teams can access important invoice details with just a click. Our Invoice Assurance service eliminates duplication, lost invoices, late payments, and the stress of juggling dozens of service providers.

IT Support

In 2024, restaurants need tech to survive. We offer protection from tech trouble with 24/7/365 support from folks who have deep experience with restaurant tech stacks.

Reduce downtime associated with IT issues—including internet interruptions. Our IT Support solution gives you a backup option.

86 Repairs your way

Operators, if you need an R&M platform that can adapt to your needs, we have your back. Let’s build a solution that resolves your biggest pain point—just schedule time with our team to get started.

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