The First Annual State of Repairs

Stay in the know in the restaurant industry. Download our first annual State of Repairs to read about never-before-seen data on R&M in restaurants.

The First Annual State of Repairs by 86 Repairs

Understanding the trends of repairs and maintenance in the restaurant industry.

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It all started with a vision - that the future of repairs and maintenance (R&M) for restaurants is to put the whole process on auto-pilot.

But to turn this vision into a reality you’d need data. Lots of it. Consistently. 

Enter 86 Repairs - a powerful combination of service and software that manages the entire repairs and maintenance process on your behalf. When our team of industry experts are managing your service incidents from start to finish they capture data, lots of it, consistently. 

At 86 Repairs, we take a data-first approach to R&M. This means we’re collecting thousands of data points on every repair. With every repair we manage, our prediction algorithms become more intelligent. 

And with that data, we’re able to make powerful recommendations, present your team with actionable insights, and help you transform how your restaurants think about equipment repairs and maintenance. 

  • Do you want easy access to the total cost of ownership of your equipment?
  • Do you want to accurately assess equipment reliability?
  • Do you want to make strategic repair vs. replace decisions?
  • Do you want information on the most reliable service providers in the area?
  • Do you want to evaluate your vendor mix?
  • Do you want to trust that repairs and maintenance in your restaurants are being handled properly without your team being responsible?

With 86 Repairs, you can have all of this and more.

This month we published the first annual State of Repairs to provide the restaurant industry with never-before-seen data on repairs and maintenance trends in restaurants. This is just the tip of the iceberg, a scratch in the surface, the beginning of the data that we’re able to provide our customers.


In The State of Repairs report, we provide data and actionable insights on the following (and so much more):

Analysis of The R&M Line Item

A lot goes into the repairs and maintenance line item in a restaurant. Store refreshes, equipment replacement, preventative maintenance contracts, handywork services, and of course, critical equipment repair.  

To understand how to reduce your R&M line item, you first need to understand where your spend is going and how it compares to other restaurants like yours. 

Download The State of Repairs report to see average yearly spend on critical equipment repair and average spend per service incident by restaurant type.

Managing Repairs Can Feel Like Death By A Thousand Cuts

Ongoing service incident management is the most common and critical aspect of facilities management. If you are managing repairs for your restaurants and feel like the process is never-ending, it’s because it is. Managing service incidents from end-to-end is a time consuming and frustrating process.

Download The State of Repairs report to see the average number of service incidents per month by restaurant type and a sample monthly calendar of incident timelines.

Repairs By Service Category

Understanding which pieces of equipment in which parts of your kitchen are most likely to need attention can help you organize and prioritize your preventative maintenance strategy. 

Download The State of Repairs report to see a table of the most common service incident categories by infrastructure type.

The Timing of Repairs

Timing is everything and the data tells us a lot. Understanding timing and seasonality trends can help you prepare your restaurant for well-known surges and dips, ensuring you proactively get ahead of any urgent requests that can’t see a delay in service.

Download The State of Repairs report to see the average number of service requests by day of the week and week of the year.

Are you ready to take the pain out of restaurant repairs?

Are you ready to do more with your R&M line item?

Are you ready to invest in technology and a service that will not only make your team’s lives so much easier, but save you thousands of dollars per location on R&M?

The answer is 86 Repairs.

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