Restaurant Equipment Needs in The New World

The pandemic of 2020 has forever changed the restaurant industry. Read here to learn about new restaurant equipment needs in the new world.

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Things have changed. 

The spread of COVID-19 and subsequent economic contraction have turned our industry upside down. Restaurant owners and operators that are winning right now are in a renewed phase of innovation within their restaurants.

They are embracing the acceleration of change, the new opportunities in a COVID world, and adapting their processes at breakneck speeds.

They are investing in technology like never before. 

We’ve watched restaurant owners implement off-premise dining options, embrace 3rd party delivery platforms (or go their own way entirely), shift to mobile ordering, transform the physical space within their restaurants, and so much more in the wake of the pandemic to keep their customers satisfied as they navigate the intricacies of social distancing and safe-at-home orders. 

While many of these processes were part of restaurant life before the pandemic, COVID-19 has accelerated these trends to say the least. 

And these changes are just the starting point. 

We’ve entered a new paradigm, a new restaurant industry, and all signs point to continuous change. The operators that continue to embrace the next normal and adapt will swim, while many will tread water, and others will sink. 

COVID-19 has ushered in a new era of progress and opportunity, but it can be difficult to know which new initiatives you and your restaurants should take on in order to rise to the top and which will allow you to achieve your unchanging goal: providing the best customer experience. 

At the core of each big idea is the restaurant equipment and infrastructure needed to make it happen. Thankfully, we’ve done the heavy lifting, the in-depth research for you, and we’re ready to share which changes we believe will make the difference for your restaurants today.

Through our series, Restaurant Equipment Needs in The New World, we’ll break down the equipment and infrastructure that you need to swim in the next normal. This series is designed to give restaurant owners and operators a blueprint on the ways restaurants will need to change in the days ahead.

This conversation goes beyond the kitchen. 

As members of the restaurant industry ourselves, it’s our prerogative to provide comprehensive recommendations that will actually impact your business and position you to serve your customers at the highest level. 

We’re talking beverage equipment needs, your tech stack, safety and sanitation equipment, dining and menu equipment, and more.

COVID-19 has changed the restaurant industry, and it’s anybody’s guess that we’ll ever return to the “way things used to be”. 

We’re here to help you tackle the obstacles and identify the strategies and equipment you need to put into place in order for your restaurant to find the opportunity in this moment and come out on top.

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