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Operations Analyst Spotlight: Joshua Abbott

Learn how our Operations team saves restaurants time and money on the repair and maintenance process through 24/7 accessibility and a human-first...

Hospitality of The Future

The post-pandemic restaurant industry is filled with technology, data, and automation. 86 Repairs is one of many services that help operators keep up...

Why is First-Time Fix Rate So Important?

When evaluating service providers for restaurant maintenance and repairs, there are several key indicators. In addition to hourly rates and...

The 6 Ways CMMS Hurts Restaurant Operators

Looking at CMMS solutions for your restaurant service and repair management? Read on to learn more about why CMMS software may not be the best fit...

The First Annual State of Repairs

Stay in the know in the restaurant industry. Download our first annual State of Repairs to read about never-before-seen data on R&M in restaurants.

Don't Let Turnover Impact Repairs

Do you feel your employee turnover rate is higher than normal? Well, you're not alone. Read here so your turnover rates won't impact your operations!


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